An Indian in New York City with a passion for traveling. That’s me. Bucks are necessary to travel and that’s what my job gives me. I work to follow my passion.

I am a foodie and check out new places in New York and the places I travel to. I am an adventurer with a liking to hiking and extreme sports. When I travel to a new location or when life becomes a drag I try to experience something new like hiking 10 miles and bungee jumping in Los Angles or skydiving in Long Island or hiking in pitch darkness for miles to see a snow covered mountain’s reflection on a lake. My whole passion for travel and food started when I indulged myself in photography. I do not do portraits because the artificiality in a pose is something I am not looking for. Candids, nature and wildlife photography is my thing. 

My posts are a way for me to put out my experiences and my opinions about the things I experience.