Yardbird – Las Vegas


I was searching for restaurants to experience the food in Vegas when I stumbled upon the Yardbird. It is located in the restaurant wing below the shopping section of the Venetian. It’s famous for its southern food and the fried chicken at Yardbird is supposedly one the best in Las Vegas. So after my sand bugging adventure, I headed to the Venetian/ Pallazo. A Vegas hack- If you are on the strip and are looking to avoid parking fees use the Venetian’s guest parking lot. The hotels, the Casino, and the shopping complex are all interconnected and the whole complex is located in the middle of the Strip and saves you a hole in your Vegas budget by not paying insane amounts for parking.

Since I was by myself, I took a seat at the bar and I should say the bartender’s professionalism is something I wish I saw at every bar I went to. From the minute I sat down they were there taking my order, engaging in small talk, providing me with the sides for my food and making exquisite drinks with such grace that would compel Michelangelo to carve David mixing cocktails in a waistcoat.And all this while attending to every guest’s desideratum. While the Yardbird has the most of the classic southern dishes on its menu, I ordered a two piece chicken with spicy watermelon and southern baked biscuits with a side of honey spicy sauce since Yardbird is famous for its fried chicken. The sauce was supposed to be a combination of hotness and sweetness with the sublime taste of honey lingering after the initial heat wash over.But the lingering sweetness never came and the sauce was a complete opposite to the honey spicy sauce you get from Popeye’s.  Though the honey spicy sauce did not accomplish its goal it made my biscuit taste better. The biscuit served warm went impeccably well with the sauce since the biscuit which is supposed to be salty and bland absorbs the sauce making it spicy and juicy while mixing the salt and spice. The sauce also amplified the taste of the chicken. Though the chicken was deep fried there was no oil oozing from it. The spices that were part of the chicken, along with the combination of the spicy sauce made all the flavors fuse and come alive.

So was Yardbird worth it? No. I was surprisingly let down. Though the ambiance set up the tone for the course, the meal never followed through. The only good things about the whole experience were the service, the lemonade, and the biscuit. The spicy watermelon as the honey spicy sauce was just one sided. It tasted of only the watermelon and the watermelon itself was bland without any sweetness. Though the chicken Crust was succulent and juicy, the meat was just mediocre without the flavor penetrating through the meat. Though the flavors from the crust came alive it wasn’t extraordinary and was typical as any other above average fried chicken. It was original but wasn’t exceptional to stand out. The money I saved in the free parking was lost dining at Yardbird. I guess you lose money in Vegas one way or the other.


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