Fried chicken and Japanese Cheesecakes

Seattle is a hub for some very fascinating cuisine and I got to try a couple. First up is Heaven Sent. It’s a fried chicken joint and is considered one of the best in Seattle. I wanted to especially try this place because I had seen an episode on of the Eater series.I ordered a two piece combo with fried okra. The aroma from the chicken and the juicy tender meat spoke volumes. The crunchy layer of the chicken is formed by marinating the chicken for 48 hours before it’s fried making each bite succulent and luscious. The crunchy skin just peels off as you eat it and the meat is as tender as it can get. I have tried a variety of okra since okra is one of the vegetables I prefer but never battered deep fried okra. The fried okra was palatable but it was too oily and you could literally fry another batch of okra with the extra oil from my serving. It’s crunchy and has a good blend of spices on it and is a passable replacement for Fries but that extra oil is what kills it for me.

The day after I tried the chicken, and as I was heading back from my adventures in the Snoqualmie National Forest I took a detour and headed towards northern Seattle, where located in the suburbs is a small Comly Japanese cheesecake shop called Hiroki. My curiosity to try new cuisines and dishes especially Asian dishes brought me to this place. Another reason for me to try this place was that I never tried Japanese desserts before and this was my chance. Just the sight of those bonny cakes was enough for me to take six different cakes, even though I wasn’t a big fan of cheesecakes, and a Creme Caramel. First the Creme. It tasted as creme Brule tasted but what stood out was the balance of the sweetness. It wasn’t too overpowering and the melted caramel on the bottom created a flavor explosion. The burnt caramel aftertaste washed away the sweetness of the dessert and was weirdly satisfying. The cheesecakes didn’t have the sour taste which makes me cringe whenever I have one. The cake even after a couple of days in the refrigerator does not harden and is as soft as it was on day one. The cake itself was soft and fluffy reminding me of those bouncy cheesecakes. Pairing the cake with red wine creates a scrumptious and magnificent blend that leaves you wanting more. The experience is just what you need after a frenetic outdoor day.

Was going out of my way to experience these amazing blend of food worth it? Yes for Hiroki and no for Heaven Sent. The flavors and the amalgam of tastes from Hiroki deliver immense satisfaction, whereas the chicken even though good wasn’t outstanding for me to go out of my in search of Seattle’s famous Oprah Winfrey chicken in a rundown locality.IMG_5750



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