Transformers: The Last Knight 

Where do I start…. this movie lacks in everything from convincing performances to commanding dialogues to a strong storyline. The acting by the lead roles is way below par and they may even win multiple Razzies for their performances. There is no concrete story as usual with all the Transformer movies and the graphics were just above par. A popular legend of King Arthur was taken and meddled with to fit into the story without any understanding and consideration if these two concepts blend in or not. The humor was more of an irritant than for laughs. The fights and the chases were completely rubbish. The chemistry between the lead actors was as non-existent as the role of Anthony Hopkins. Bringing Cybertron to Earth – aka Unicron – to devour Earth says enough about how weak the storyline is. The movie has hit a new low in the industry with its dialogues. A fifth grader would have written better dialogues. The movie has somehow managed to convert a Supreme character such as Optimus Prime into a complete dud. The whole movie is about a staff Merlin acquired and how it is used by the god of Cybertron to destroy earth while the lead actors try to save the earth. And the sad fact is that there is going to be another transformer movie.

Worth it? A huge NO. Micheal Bay has successfully converted a big budget A grade movie into a D grade movie. The lead actress asks a question if it was tomorrow yet? I seriously hope it is so that I can forget the nightmare called Transformers: The Last Knight.


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