Worth It Series – Reserve Cut

I dined at this place when a Vendor invited me for lunch along with my colleagues. This restaurant serves Japanese and American fare though the Japanese cuisine is mostly limited to the appetizers. The ambiance of the place was as good as any. Even in broad days light the place looked candle lit. The service was exceptional. They have a huge and excellent collection of wine ranging from California to France and are displayed as you walk through the place.

Complimentary bread with hummus and olive oil was served as in every high-end restaurant. For appetizers, we had the sushi platter. This was my first time trying sushi and it was not a bad experience.Not the best but not the worst as well. We were served four different types of sushi rolls which had a good blend of sweetness and spices and would melt right in your mouth.The sushi was fresh and did not smell of fish. But one of the sushi rolls broke apart which even a newbie like me knows that it’s not supposed to happen.

Next, for the main course, I ordered the Chicken Paillard and the house cut fries. The fries were crisp and I would have no problem munching them all day but the Chicken Paillard was mediocre. It wasn’t unappetizing but the flavor levels were just hovering above par. It was bland and lacked the flavor punch which my Indian tastebuds got used to after coming to this city.The steak from what my colleagues told me was excellent. The Steak was juicy and the center was slightly warmer and reddish-pink instead of red as a medium rare steak is supposed to be. In flavor and taste it gets a 8 out of 10.

Worth it? From my personal experience,  I would say yes. You can go to Reserve cut for the ambiance, the service and the steak. Apart from the chicken, I could not find other issues to dine here again. Reserve cut does what it’s supposed to do best – the steak. This spot is perfect for a romantic date with your partner if you don’t mind blowing a hole in your pocket.


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